Purchasing a Toilet? Learn About Different Toilet Options

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Purchasing a Toilet? Learn About Different Toilet Options

If you are looking to replace an old toilet, you must first select a new one. When you head into a home improvement store, you likely have no idea what awaits you inside of the store. Once inside, you will realize that are many different options when it comes to toilets. As you browse for a new toilet you have to decide whether you want a wide-mouthed toilet or a standard-sized one. You will have to decide if you want a low flush toilet or a standard one. And there are even toilets with luxury options such as sensors and heated seats. As you browse through my website, I hope you learn more about the different options you can find on toilets and it helps you select the one that is best for your needs.

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Install A 'No Dig' Border On Your Property

Do you dislike how the dirt from a flowerbed seems to wind up mixed in with the grass that borders the landscaping feature, resulting in a messy surface that lacks clear-cut boundaries? You can add a no-dig border around the bed, providing a distinct outline on your property that will also double as an erosion preventive aid.


  • bricks, flat stones, or concrete pavers
  • measuring tape
  • no dig edging
  • metal spikes
  • hammer
  • fast setting concrete mix
  • small shovel
  • skimmer
  • hose
  • spray mist extension for hose

Purchase The Materials And Install The Edging

Most of the materials that you need to complete this project can be purchased from a masonry company. Choose a color and texture for the border and purchase some masonry supplies that possess these characteristics.

The bricks, stones, or pavers will be secured to a layer of concrete. You will not be building the structure in a traditional manner, which would involve digging a trench. For this reason, you will want a light and airy powdered concrete mix that will set quickly and that will not clump and form an uneven surface for the masonry materials to rest on. 

One additional product that you will need to purchase is a package of "no dig" edging. The edging will act as a material that you can align the masonry materials against, and it will also create a distinct black line that will complement the bricks, stones, or pavers that you use. Lay the edging across the flowerbed's border. Use a hammer to install metal spikes through the sides of the edging.

Add A Layer Of Dry Mix And Place The Border Materials On Top

Dry mix should be spread along the interior side of the edging. Use a small shovel to apply the mix to the ground and move a skimmer across the powdery surface to level out the mix. Place the masonry materials on top of the dry powder and press each material down firmly.

Make sure that all of the materials are lined up in the manner that you would like them to be because once you dampen the concrete mix, it will begin to set and you will not be able to make any adjustments to the border. Use a spray misting extension when applying water to the border. The water will seep through the gaps that are in between the masonry materials and will dampen the concrete.

After spraying the entire length of the border, turn off the hose and allow the water and concrete mix to blend. A bond will form, holding the masonry materials in place. On the following day, complete the concrete setting process by spraying a heavier stream of water across the length of the border.

For help with projects like this, or to get the materials you'll need, contact a masonry company like G.H. Erickson & Son.