Purchasing a Toilet? Learn About Different Toilet Options

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Purchasing a Toilet? Learn About Different Toilet Options

If you are looking to replace an old toilet, you must first select a new one. When you head into a home improvement store, you likely have no idea what awaits you inside of the store. Once inside, you will realize that are many different options when it comes to toilets. As you browse for a new toilet you have to decide whether you want a wide-mouthed toilet or a standard-sized one. You will have to decide if you want a low flush toilet or a standard one. And there are even toilets with luxury options such as sensors and heated seats. As you browse through my website, I hope you learn more about the different options you can find on toilets and it helps you select the one that is best for your needs.

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5 Ways To Keep Animals Away From Your Restaurant Dumpster

If you have a dumpster rental for your restaurant, one of the things that you are going to have to contest against is the local animal population. Animals love to dig in dumpsters to get food; it is a nice and easy food source for them. Here are a few easy ways you can keep animals away from your restaurant's food dumpster. 

#1 Keep It Out In The Open

The first thing you should do is keep the dumpster out in the open. Don't put it right up against a wall or under a tree, as this will make it easier for animals to scale up another object in order to get inside of your dumpster. It is best to keep your dumpster out in the open.

#2 Seal Your Garbage Bags

When you have your employees take out the trash, do not wait until the garage is so full that you can't tie off the garage bag. All garbage cans in your restaurant should be emptied before they are full. That way, when the trash is taken out, the garbage bags can always be sealed. This will help prevent food from falling out of the bag and creating a trail of attraction to the dumpster for the local animals.

#3 Sweep Around Your Dumpster

If your restaurant is open for all the meals, you should have someone assigned to clean around the dumpster at every swift change. This person should sweep around the dumpster to pick up anything that may have fallen onto the ground and not have made its way to the dumpster. Adding this into your employees' responsibility will provide you with a little assistance keeping that area clean.

#4 Spray Down Your Dumpster

On trash day, when your dumpster is emptied out, you need to clean your dumpster. Have an employee wash out the dumpster and sanitize it. They can sanitize it pouring baking soda into the dumpster. This will help clean the sides of the dumpster and will help neutralize any odors coming out of it, which will decrease local animals' desire to get into your dumpster.

#5 Weight Down Your Dumpster

Finally, you need to weigh down your dumpster. It can be easy for certain animals to get your dumpster lid open. Have a large rock or brick placed on top of your dumpster lid to make it more difficult for animals to get the lid open. You can also use bungee cords to hold your lid down. Keeping the lid closed on your dumpster at all times will reduce the smell and cut down on the temptation from animals to access your dumpster. 

Following the five steps above will help you keep animals away from your restaurant dumpster.