Purchasing a Toilet? Learn About Different Toilet Options

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Purchasing a Toilet? Learn About Different Toilet Options

If you are looking to replace an old toilet, you must first select a new one. When you head into a home improvement store, you likely have no idea what awaits you inside of the store. Once inside, you will realize that are many different options when it comes to toilets. As you browse for a new toilet you have to decide whether you want a wide-mouthed toilet or a standard-sized one. You will have to decide if you want a low flush toilet or a standard one. And there are even toilets with luxury options such as sensors and heated seats. As you browse through my website, I hope you learn more about the different options you can find on toilets and it helps you select the one that is best for your needs.

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3 Inventive Safes For Super Sleuths

Is privacy and protection your thing? Want to make sure that you have plenty of space to hide items and money around your home? Getting a safe seems like the obvious answer; however, not all safes are fool proof. If you want a safe that can be hidden in plain sight, or can be taken along with you from move to move with ease, follow along with these safe selection tips.

Book safes

Money and valuables are what draw a thief to a safe. If a thief stands to gain thousands of dollars by cracking open a safe, they may take the safe with them unless it is firmly implanted into the wall. Instead of having a viewable safe or an obvious safe for money, go with a small safe that no one will detect. A book safe that looks like your average dictionary or thesaurus is one of the best ways to completely disguise a money safe. The exterior of the book will look like your regular reading material; however, it will contain a lock that opens the safe for a hollow interior. Since thieves are unlikely to go through your bookshelf, this is a great place to go for money. 

Soda Cans

The last place that you will find a thief is in your refrigerator. Unless you are a known caviar collector, there is not much of value in a refrigerator besides the object itself! This makes the fridge the perfect place to store valuables. A safe that is made to look like a soda can is the best place for jewels or extra cash for emergencies. Not only will thieves never find it, but you are likely to forget it unless you do some deep thinking yourself! Don't have any cash to spend on extras for your new apartment? Tape money to the very bottom of a soda can and keep it inside of your fridge full. Same effect.

Outlet wall safe

Want a wall safe for the small things, but want it to be hidden? A teeny wall safe that is disguised as a wall outlet is the perfect place for the diamonds that you never wear and any family jewels you want on hand. An outlet safe needs a tiny piece of the wall cut out, and will look like a regular outlet. You will also need a screwdriver to get inside of the safe, which serves as an extra deterrent. Thieves are all about in and out. Make your home's safes as inconspicuous as possible, and any pilferers will move on empty handed. 

If you'd rather rely on the benefits of a professional safe, contact an expert like Arapahoe County Security Center Inc.